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I have been going through the process of setting up an OS X Mountain Lion Server. When trying to access the profile manger via http://servername.domain.private/mydevices within the internal network this can not be found. If I use the ipnumber i can reach the profile manager.


I'm sure this is something to do with DNS and DHCP is being provided by a Netgear router.


Any help would be much appreciated!

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Try a lookup on your server name if that fails you've got a dns problem

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    I've used the sudo changeip -checkhostname command and this came back with success.

  • iToaster Level 3 (735 points)

    Try server name lookup on the clients

    The server may know it's name but the clients may be looking elsewhere for dns

    Is there a dns entry for the server in the router you say is providing dns

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    Are you sure the netgear router is providing DNS?

    It's likely you want the apple server to provide DNS to the network.

    You do that by setting the DNS of the router to be the local IP address of the apple server.


    Then, if you restart a client (with DHCP) or flush it's DNS cache, you should see DNS on the client to be the IP address of the server.


    From that point further, the clients should be able to find the server based on it's name in the DNS setup of the server.

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    Thanks to all for the advice.


    I eventually got this working by setting the Primary DNS on my router to the apple server and the Secondary DNS entry to to route externally to Google DNS. This, i am assuming, ensures that if the server is unavailable other devices can still route out to the internet.


    As my router only has 2 entries available for DNS I was wondering if I could add additional external DNS entries on the server e.g. both Google DNS entries?

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    You can add additional DNS servers in the forwarders section on the DNS page in Server app.

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    All working now...


    Primary DNS router entry as the server. Then tested external access to the internet with:

    • Only a Google DNS entry configured as sencondary on the router
    • Then only with the Google DNS entries configured as additional DNS servers in the forwarders section on the server itself.

    Both times clients and devices could access the internet as well as internal addresses provided by the server. Moving forward to ensure redundancy if server is not available I have left both of the external DNS configurations above applied.


    Great support on here... thanks!