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If I deleted this crappy podcasts app, Can I go back to syncing my podcasts through my computer directly to my phone?Podcasts

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    I've had that issue for two month even having "use cellular data" set to OFF.


    But now I have cracked why that **** podcasts App is consuming data anyway. Lets pretend that you are listening to Podcast A episode 273 which you have previously downloaded at home through the proper wireless connection and there is episode 274 available in the list which is not downloaded yet. When you will finish listening to episode 273 this stupid app will start playing episode 274 from the air without any confirmation. That is as simple as that. I've been busted by lots of DJ Music podcasts.


    I think that Apple should kill the App and returm podcasts to the Music/Video app as it was before. C'mon, Apple, if you follow reviews on the app store - its a shame to have such low rated, buggy and dangerous application in your profile!

    Or give me back my 120SEK your application consumed from my datatrafic

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    Is anyone from Apple going to address this?

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    So, I just hung up from a 53 minute call with Bret at AT&T customer service. First of all he ROCKED....next my question was as follows: 


    Q: When I am listening to my podcasts, am I using Data?


    A:  When you DOWNLOAD a podcast from a website/page, yes you are. If you are in a podcast app searching for a podcast, yes you are.  When you find that podcast and DOWNLOAD it from the SERVER, yes you are. However, once it's downloaded and onto your device and you are now LISTENING to the podcast, NO you are NOT using data. It's kinda' like PURCHASING & DOWNLOADING a CD from iTunes/App Store to your device; you do NOT use data to listen to the album/song once it's actually on the device and you listen to it.  ****, could you imagine! I'd have stock in the futures of Anthony Hamilton and LYFE Jennings, lol!!  


    Hope that helped. And no I didn't read all the Q's & A's prior to posting this. So my apologies if it didn't help a damned person, lol! But, I got my answer ;) Smooches, my Lovelies.

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    I don't have any solution for you but I've been experiencing this same problem. I've detailed it over on the using the iPhone discussion board.




    Was this happening to you before iOS 7.0.3?  That was when I first noticed it?