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Looks like quite a few reviewers on the App Store have had problems upgrading to the recent Aperture update to 3.4.2, and it looks like a few folks here have had the problem as well. The problem's similar to one that we saw here a few months ago.


So, if Aperture's crashing at startup, delete and reinstall the Aperture application. Doing so will not affect any of your existing libraries or images.


There's an article on Apple's support site here if you need more info. It's written for 3.4, but it looks like it's applicable to 3.4.2 as well.

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    Good advice, but one caution, Aye Es Oh;

    the support article will apply, if you upgrade directly from an AP 3.3 version to 3.4.2, but not for upgrades from 3.4.1.


    If the crash happens after upgrading from a working AP 3.4.1 I'd suspect to be more likely that the library needs fixing.

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    True, I have a feeling that most of the posts are coming from people that don't use Aperture that frequently, or folks that just recently upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.

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    Looks like the ghost of this issue is still lurking around in 3.4.3. If you're still seeing this after the 3.4.3 upgrade, go ahead and reinstall Aperture, and that should fix this particular crash.