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I am trying to administer a newly created "enterprise" configuration of iMessage.  It consists of a Mac Mini and about 30 iPods.  All have the latest IOS/OS/software.  The contacts were set up on the mini and iMessage works great communicating to the iPods.


My question is about a group contact.  From the console or even an iPod, I want to have the ability to select one contact that will in turn forward a message to all of the devices.  Sort of like a distribution group in Active Directory.


I tried creating one contact with several emails, but it will only send to one email at a time.  I want to make it easy for the Mac Mini "operator" to simply select one contact and send a mass message out.


Any suggestions?

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    I must admit I don't know how I would even go about that.


    Logic tells me it should be something to do with an Contacts/Address Book Distribution List and having all the Apple IDs listed.


    Although I can use the Groups I have in the Contacts app as a Distribution list it seems I cannot do the same in Messages.


    I can see that you could add all the names manually the first time but I see no real way to "Save" that in any way for iMessages.


    The iMessages side does not use the Go to Chatroom option  (File Menu) when doing Multi chats.


    I do know that 2 and 3 way iMessages are possible as I have tried that and even sent in line Pics that way.




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    I'm not too impressed with this lack-of-feature since we bought this solution specifically for this function.  Apple has not been helpful.


    Thanks for responding, at least I know I'm not going crazy.