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Since first attempting to instal iOS 6 on a 4th Gen iPod Touch, I have had problems getting it to communicate with iTunes.


First time it happened (a month ago) the iPod seemed to get stuck in recovery screen. Someone took it to local Apple Primary Seller and they sorted it. Used it for a month or so, no probs.


Second time (yesterday) iTunes flagged up iPod software update 6.0.1 available - opted to download it. Process started, got stuck "preparing iPod for update", then flagged up failure - think it mentioned error 1602. After much messing around, took it into same shop and they installed new software, presumably from recovery mode. I assumed problem sorted, but plugged iPod in and still wouldn't appear in iTunes. Have been through every page of Apple support, reinstalled iTunes, disabled Norton 360 (never a prob in the past), even been through process for resolving conflicts detailed at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2292 (ie tweaking msconfig), still with no joy.


I am sure it has something to do with iOS 6, but might be wrong. Are there any other adjustments that need to be made (eg in PC/Control Panel settings) in order for me to get this to work?


Any assistance appreciated.

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6, Using iTunes