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i just loaded windows 8 and my iTunes was working just fine and then it wasn't. Anyone having the same issues?

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    Windows 8 is not yet supported. Until it is, you have to expect problems.

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    that is a shame. windows 8 in underlined by windows 7. early adopters bleed again. i got it to work once but then there was an update from apple last week or so and now it won't open. so i guess it is an Apple issue as it worked then update then nada.

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    tnbarlow wrote:


    that is a shame. ... early adopters bleed again.... so i guess it is an Apple issue as it worked then update then nada.

    Hhhmmm! So which bit of "it's not yet supported" do you not understand?


    Although the definition of an early adopter is open to dispute, it is fairly obvious that that's the price you pay for being an early adopter - especially if you insist on adopting before the product is actually supported.


    I guess - no I think - that the issue is yours, not Apple's They have given no undertaking yet, to support Windows 8 but you go ahead anyway.


    And then you complain about it.


    It's not that I'm unsympathetic, but it's a bit much that effectively, you were asked to wait, you ignore that, and then try to hold Apple responsible. Perhaps, next time, a little patience might be in order.

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    wow, snippy.

    did you not see the it worked on windows 8 until apple sent an update out? windows did not send an update, yet apple did(then it broke). i don't really care that it doesn't work i just want Apple to know that what they did broke their product and work on a fix. i am sure they are working on this as we speak. i am not upset at them. i don't think you meant to come across as pompus, but that is exactly how it came across. next time a little more focus on the topic would be appreciated. we all want these things to work.

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    We could go on discussing this forever (but I won't).


    It's quite simple - until Apple offer support for Windows 8, you have to expect that it may not work correctly, consistantly, or reliably. Things will change and what used to work may not continue to do so. It really is that simple and you cannot hold Apple responsible for any unreliability before they are ready to offer support.


    When they are, they will announce it, you can be fairly certain.


    Now, you can reagrd me as pompus if you wish, but you're the one who is trying to make out that Apple is the bad guy, not me. One more thing  - don't shoot the messenger (or regard him as pompus simply because he says what you don't want to hear.)

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    I had the same problem.  I downloaded the latest version of itunes.  Ran install and chose repair.  Then right click on the shortcut on your desktop and click properties.  choose compatability mode for windows 7 and run as administrator.  Click apply and then run itunes.  This worked for me I hope this does the trick for you.