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This is a new problem, but my iMac does not sleep anymore in the default time frames parameters or any others established in Energy Saver. This is a new problem and I have not added any new software...all of a sudden Time Machine is clocking backups every hour throughout the day when no one is home when the machine should be asleep.


Secondly, my iMac has never responded to Wake on Network Access, whether that is checked or not -- I do not use a screen saver because that screwed up my magic trackpad responsiveness on wake up when it was working a couple of weeks ago.


The only way I can get my iMac to sleep is if I hit the power button.


Does anyone else know what this all about?


Thanks in advance for any help.


PS I already did the SMC reset and that worked one and only one time, but it seems pretty silly to have to go through that everytime I want my iMac to sleep.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, 24 inch, Early 2009