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I have finally resolved all the issues I was having with home sharing after installing iTunes 10.7, iOS 6, and Apple TV 5.1.1.  Everything with home sharing was failing; movies would never load, music would start plaing but then start buffering.  None of my Apple devices were working. I have been trying to resolve this for weeks now.  My solution was the 5 GHz WiFi on a Linksys E3200.  I disabled the the 5 GHz and everything started working.  I the went through every wireless setting but nothing worked with the 5 GHz turned on.


I hope this helps,



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    Give it a few days and it'll go wrong again. Mine is on a 1gb ethernet connection (so no wifi issues) on SAME router as the iTunes PC and it may work for a few days, but eventually stalls again. It is slow to connect and respond in general (compared to upnp running on same system). HomeSharing is garbage, the apple dev team need to migrate to industry standard uPnP and junk this proprietry nonsense. IT DOESN'T WORK reliably enough to be seriously used in the home and is NOT fit for purpose!


    When yours does go wrong again an itunes restart usually kick starts it again, but very annoying to have to do this whenever you want to watch something on ATV. Mine is currently working but WILL go wrong again by Tuesday at the latest.

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    Interesting, before installing all the latest versions my Home Sharing worked flawlessly for the last 10 months and I rarely restart iTunes.


    If it does fail again I will update this post.

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    I just don't understand why it's so hard for all of us to acknowledge the simple fact that Home Share (and Match) simply don't work. They don't, that's all. Apple is great for hardware, but lousy on software (see also me.com, Final Cut, etc.)


    Why in the world should I spend my time trying to fix something that someone else has made, without gettin paid, when the same team who created it isn't able to fix it? I just don't understand.


    Every few days somebody comes up with a fix for Home Share, only to repost a few days later with a "wrong, it stopped working again".


    I really don't mean to be offensive, and I really appreciate other fellow's hints and helps in this forum,I try to give my help as well when I know of a solution, but when it doesn't work we should just drop it. iTunes is a lost case, sadly.



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    It's hard to give up when you've layed out cash and heaps of time, but with ATV being closed source there's little you can do. Some one should remind apple of  Betamax vs VHS or IBM vs M$. They are losing ground to google and every time they annoy technical and vocal minorities is another nail in their coffin. Faith in Apple being reliable is dwindling fast, expecially since IOS6, may as well pay half the price for an unreliable android product than an unreliable Apple one. At least with Android you can get your compiler out and fix things. ATV is totally closed.


    Would I buy ATV again? no chance, I bought it to gain that mythical 100% Apple reliability but it turned out to be

    much less reliable than what it aimed to replace. Windows-MCE is rock solid, never fails, but using xbox-360's as clients using 30 x the electricity of an ATV + their noise tempted me to taste the forbidden Apple and now I am banished from media heaven.

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    All devices still functioning great with home sharing.


    iTunes 10.7 on iMac 27


    IPhone 4

    IPads 1,2,3



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    What antivirus/firewall are you using?  I just spent 5 hours

    On the phone with AppleCare not only does Home Share not work

    But I can't sync any of my iDevices wirelessly.  I completely

    Uninstalled my Norton Suite and everything worked fine .

    Apple recommended Comodo so I dl that and installed it

    Now nothing works as with Norton.  10.7 is the biggest piece

    Of crap upgrade (if you can call it that).  This type of rushed roll

    Outs would never happen if Jobs was still with us.  It's now rush

    Everything and then band aid it with updates after the fact.

    I'm seriously ****** off.  Nobody cares at Apple anymore.  They

    Best be careful or MR Gates will reign supreme once again!

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    I agree with you, I manage an IT group and work with M$ products all day long.  I switched my home systems to Mac about three years ago and up to the 10.7 / 6.0 releases I have been very happy with everything. 


    I feel the Apple is not as shiny as it was and if they continue down the road of pushing beta software on the masses like M$ does they WILL loose market share.


    I have Symantec EPP 12.1 for Mac on the system I run iTunes from.


    From what I am reading on the forums the problem is with the combination of the new software, iOS 6 works with iTunes 10.6 and iOS 5.1 works with iTunes 10.7.


    I wish I had a better solution for you but it took me a while to find a fix in my environment.

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    Is possible or just plain messy to go back to 10.6 from 10.7 ? No-one knows of course how messy it would be to go back from 11 when that happens if 11 does not solve the issues.


    Edit: never mind, just read that the iOS6 devices require 10.7 so looks like I'm stuck with bad home sharing experience until it's fixed.


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    All devices still working properly since the configuration change on Linksys router.  I have updated iTunes as well and iOS as well.


    My best suggestion would be for others having home sharing issues is to target their wireless router.  From some of the reading I have done tis may be due to the way Apple changed the way large packets are handled to better support streaming 1080p.