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I am having trouble playing videos back on Hulu Plus on my Apple TV.  It is just Glee though.  It will play Season 4 Episode 3 of Glee, but any other episode of Glee, it says error, try again later.  ALL OTHER SHOWS play EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.  It is just Glee.  I was having the same trouble as previously mentioned in your known issues of Apple TV, and the switch to wireless did not help.  I had to downgrade the firm ware of my Apple TV to before the latest update they did when the iPhone 5 was released.



I have reset my Apple TV, reset my router, reset my modem, reset Hulu sign-in on Apple TV.  I have switched to wireless and back again.



I also have a ROKU player in my bedroom, and the Glee episodes of Season 4, ALL OF THEM, work just fine.  So leads me to believe that it is an Apple thing. 



I want this fixed asap though.  Glee is the only reason I pay for Hulu Plus.  ONLY REASON.  I WILL BE CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP FOR HULU PLUS IF THIS IS NOT RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY.  This has been going on for about two months now, and I have about reached my limit with it.  Those two months need to be reimbursed to my account, immediately, and the problem resolved.  Or I will be canceling.







Apple TV (3rd generation)