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John Kitchen Level 3 (645 points)

I have been using Aperture for a long time now, and am used to using repair and clone.


Today, I tried to clean up an area of a photo which is in BMP format, and clone does absolutely nothing. 


Repair leaves a white path where I drag across the image.  The white path disappears when I use repair again, and another white path appears.


Switching views (use "v"), brings me back to the image with absolutely no changes, and no white paths.


I have chosen radius = 11, softness = 0, and opacity is maxed at 1.


Any ideas?

Aperture 3
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    As far as I remember BMP files are not supported in Aperture. Actually surprised to hear that you can do anything with a file of that format in Aperture.


    From the specification page:


    File Formats

    Native RAW import and editing of images from leading digital cameras and camera backs
    (See RAW support page for model listing.)

    • .ARW, .CR2, .CRW, .MOS, .NEF, .RAF, .RAW, .SRW, .TIF, .OLY, .FFF, .3FR, .DNG1

    Compatible with all major still image formats



    Notice no BMP.


    I believe you might be able to convert it to JPG in Preview. If not do a web search.



  • John Kitchen Level 3 (645 points)

    Frank, your answer is quite correct of course!


    Aperture doesn't allow for editing of BMP files.  But it does allow storing them.  Just like it will store movie files, but not edit them.


    And Preview does provide the ability to Export a BMP as a JPG.  Which can then be imported into Aperture and edited!


    Problem solved!!  THANKS!!!