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Ever since i upgrade my platfrom to OX X Lion Mountain, I cannot use my epson scanner from EPSON STYLUS PHOTO RX590


they said that because POWERPC application are no longer available.


What can I do / what should I do to fix this???

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Well, this is an older model; however, I found this:




    Now, it says it's for 10.6 and I could not find any downloads for Mountain Lion (or Lion) except software to print CDs. So, you might want to try downloading this driver (and follow instructions re. uninstall if needed); it does state it's for both Intel and Power PC, but only mentions 10.6 so it may not work on 10.8 - that is about all I can think of.

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    As of Lion, all scanning functions that required proprietary software in the past are now incorporated natively in OS X.


    You can scan three ways:


    1. Preview > Import from Scanner...
        1. If the scanner is wireless or otherwise networked select "Include Networked Devices" (select this menu option once - in Lion, it will appear to do nothing but the next time you select it, your scanner will appear. Fixed in Mountain Lion).
        2. Preview is in your Applications folder.
    2. The Image Capture program in your Applications folder
    3. System Preferences > Print & Scan > (select your scanner) > Scan tab.
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    As you can see bullet points are still broken

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    Interesting - I did not realize you no longer have to download anything? When I installed ML, I could not get my Epson (scan function) to be recognized and finally did download a driver from their website (this is for my Artisan 810 model):


    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 5.24.16 PM.png

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    babowa wrote:


    Interesting - I did not realize you no longer have to download anything?


    Actually what you wrote is 100% correct and required, otherwise the OP would have had to delete that printer and add it again upon upgrading from Snow Leopard. Doing that is supposed to download the appropriate drivers from Apple...


    Downloading the driver manually from Epson's website as you wrote is another way of accomplishing the same thing. Considering Apple's daunting task of having to maintain a vast database of hundreds or thousands of different drivers it is probably a more reliable technique.

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    Ahh, totally misunderstood your post (which isn't a surprise at this point having spent a total of about 9 hours with Applecare over the past three days) - it appears to be somewhat of a gamble: does Apple have the right driver or the printer mfr (or neither ????). It took me 3 hours to get it to work (add, delete, download, install, add, delete, uninstall - ad infinitum, LOL)

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    Connecting and adding the printer under Print & Scan should download and install any required software from Apple..


    For any issue obtaining the drivers via Software Update download and install this package which include the printer and scanner drivers for the RX590.. then scan using Print & Scan, Preview or Image Capture as listed above.




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    Just to avoid confusion, I assume you meant to address the OP?