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Mac OS X

I am adding an epson Xp 850 to replace an Epson USB  attached printer. I am worried about what I'll need to do in connecting this new wifi printer to my apple router, my iMac, my iPad, my iPhone. What should I look out for when I receive this new printer?

AirPort Extreme 802.11n (3rd Gen)
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Pete Kroner wrote:


Thanks ... But do I wire it directly to the apple router, or the iMac? 


None of the above It's wireless.


Wireless is the only way to go any more. Once you go wireless you will never want anything less.


As I wrote it is new and therefore unproven, but from its specifications it looks like a fine choice. Likely, you will plug it in, it will recognize your wireless network, your iMac, iPad, and iPhone will discover it, and you will be printing straight away.