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Let's just say I have saved bookmarks of things that i do NOT want my friends to see when they use my computer occasionally. I know they could go and find these bookmarks anyway in the bookmarks menu but they dont snoop around my computer. i would rather it not just pop up when they go to search for something or type in a webpage. If there is no way to customize what shows up in the drop down menu for search results then that is something apple overlooked. Not everybody wants things all in one place. Whats the point of deleting search history and website history if its just going to show the certain things you have bookmarked? Any solution to this would be appreciated. One solution i thought would work was disabling search from suggesting, but i guess that only supresses the webpages not the url/search bar. Oh and this is for safari 6.0.2 please dont give me outdated advice.



Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)