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I got a problem with my Mac Pro 4.1, when I turn on the mac the chime sounds after 20 - 30 secs and later on the white or gray screen appears. I had reset the PRAM, changed the coin battery, tested with the "Apple Hardware Test" (no problem at all). I have 20Gb (4X4GB, 4X1GB) of Ram, five hard drives attached to it. I thought that the problem was the hard drive with the OSX (10.8.2), got changed with a new one with a new OSX on it, two hard drives of 2Tb with RAID "lvl 1", two hard drives of 640Gb. When my mac goes to sleep, sometimes when I try to wake it up I hear the sound that wokes up but got no image on display, so I have to force shut down and then turn it on again.


I try dettaching all the hard drives except the one that has the OSX, thought it might be problem of the RAID. I did experiment that my mac freezed and then restart.


Please someone help me with this problem!


Specs Mac Pro 4.1

- 2.26ghz x 2 "8 - core"

- 20gb ram (I recently upgraded my ram from 6Gb)

- 1Tb HDD

- 2Tb HDD x 2 (RAID 1)

- 640Gb HDD x 2

- NVIDIA GT 120 x 2

- OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2



Sorry for my english that is not so good.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)