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reest apple id security questions

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Will not allow me.  The same questions pop up and I try answering.  No luck since I never set the questions.

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    I DO remember them but Apple chose to put them in Japanese and I can not change the language on Manage my Apple ID so I do not know if I made an error ,it threw me off , it was the wrong question Where did you fly to on your first Aiplane trip ? then I was unable to enter until 8 hours then called Apple Japan 4 times each time threy asked me would you like to speak with an English speaker,I said yes then they told me sorry today is Sunday no English speakers ,but they refused to speak Japanese, then I called 5th time and a kind guy could speak English we were on 1and 1/2 hours he got me to log in but the reset key chain could not be completed still pending.


    He said do not mess with that ! then I got a text from somewhere to reset 4 pins suddenly it was very strange I said to him that I got this pin this morning but it said you can use maximum 3 hours it had a UK number and I told him I do not like this and will not enter the code he said do not do it if it is from the UK and then I said to him ok you did a lot to help but we can not go any further ! and we cut of I went back to my computer to re do the ID but I found everything a mess so I call and a stupid sounding Japanese women with a squeaky voice came on I was calm at first and they want your phone number your IMEI number your iPhone serial number date of birth Address email address it takes 10 munutes to check then they ask what are you caling about so I try to explain my keychain is broken or problems with language security questions and can not change my pasword because the security question have failed me so it is ONE BIG HEADACHE AND I START I GET STRESSED she says Do want an ENGLISH speaker ,I say yes ,that guy i talked to earlier but I never got his name and first time I ever talked to him but they said he is not here so I said ok and then she said today is sunday so call back in the morning ,I said ,well ok in Japanese but they make you feel stupid because they do not want to speak Jap@anese with none natives and they are to busy,And they feel that I should not bother them ,then I say that Apple Japan is trying to refuse Apple foreign customers and then she wants to hang up and ask me to visit the shop ,but they are the same I have a very bad time with Apple Japan since they do not discuss software problems or security with customer meaning if you have a problem they ask you to come on a time 20 minutes max so they do hardware test and say you phone is fine then I say no I can not reset my ID they say you must call call centre so I am going around in circles ,When I call English it is usually Australia so if my problem is in Japan surely if do not want me to talk to them in Japanese and they ask me to call Australia but every time my call charge is expensive after asking them is this free because I have Apple care they say yes but when the call goes to Australia 0120 277 535 it might change to paid call so I call then I have to ask is this charging they say we can not give you that information ! so what can I do I have have been at the computer and phone all day on my day off work and in tre week I am so busy and can not use my phone I can not work without it ,this new technology for you ,they can not cope with the fact that the customer have problems yet they do not want to deal with us because they can not solve it and so it shows them to be useless they like to walk around in their cool tee shirts and retro shop but when it comes to functionality we are unwelcome they got the money so do not return because apple is perfect that nothing should go wrong .


    But it does somehow my English security answers do not work on a Japanese Question especialy if I did not choose that question I set  up the multiple choice In English and wrote the answers in English or Roman and set them langauge preferences in English, do you really think you can correctly write english name or word in Japanese they write a police patrol car  pato caa パトカア they do not have r and l .So it is my choice to make my security easy for me and as difficult for others to hack.But they also have patororoo choo meaning ' now patrolling ' so why they have pato caa patrol car and patoro patrol and have thousands of Chinese words kanji they can find patrol.


    I am getting off the topic but I am at a loss to fix this problem when they hold the keys and i have all the info to verify my ID.