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i have 3 questions here all with a seperate issue here.

#1 i cannot email nothing from my phone it is a 3g phone i have read all previous post about it and had tried everything from deleting account to checking with my internet provider i can get my mail on my phone but cannot send none out i do not have iphoto nor can i send a simple text. it says like the rest rejected by the server ??????

#2 my wife and i have iphones now and i am having problems with syncing both phones with seperate itunes accounts on one computer. it wants to sync with each other and i need to know how to sync our phones without this happening and not go through the hassle of partitioning my hard drive to do this. i have logged off to either acount and turned off all auto connect features in i tunes and it still wont let me keep 2 seperate accounts.

#3 i am in the process of reformatting my hard drive in a couple of days and i have moved all my files to other drive and before i did all this i backed up my phone first so i would not lose anything and brought it current on all updates. untill today when i have a new os to update so when i went to log in to  do update i lost all my songs my dates on my calender and most importantly all my notes which i need to get this back. i figure since i had all this on other drive i would not lose anything but i did, it shows by recent back up with yesterdays date and like i said i lost alot, and need to know if i can get this all back after i format drive and put back all my files or should i try and put everything back and try and recover my lost items 

thanks for all your assistance if there is anyone who can

iPhone 3G, iOS 5.1.1