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I can bind the workstations to the domain fine.. But can someone direct me to instructions of how to set up the roaming profiles ?
What steps do I need on the server ? This is what I've done so far.
I already have OU's for the departments and the users have a shared folder inside their department folder.... \\server\shared_folder\user


I have done the usual things with AD as far as the profile settings on the windows server.

Am currently running Mac OS 10.5 and above

My windows AD runs on windows server 2008

All my windows workstation are able to use roaming profile without a problem.


So far i have tried the so many avenues including..


  1. Make sure the Mac systems are joined to the domain controller and an ADS user can log on successfully. Use "Directory Utility" under "Utilities" menu to join the system to the domain.
  2. Backup all the contents from /Users to the storage or somewhere locally.
  3. Configure automount - Go to "Utilities" -> "Directory Utility" - Select the domain and click "Show advanced options" - Click "Mounts" tab and add automount as mentioned below. Remote NFS URL: nfs://server_name/share_name/path/to/profile/directory Mount location: /Users Additional mount parameters: -P,-T Apply the settings and this will mount the remote shared folder or we can name it as Roaming Profile Space - under /Users directory
  4. Enable roaming profile - Go to "Utilities" -> "Directory Utility" - Select the domain and click "Show advanced options" - Click "Services" -> Select "Active Directory" and click "Show advanced option" - Click "User experience" tab and select the option "Create mobile account at login".
  5. Reboot the system and log in as any ADS user. The Roaming shared folder will be mounted and the user profile will be created on the shared folder


Can anyone kindly assist me

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)