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Hi all,


debating on the 13 inch rMBP or the 15 inch rMBP.


I have never owned a MBP before, but have used the familly macbook mini occasionally and have done thorough research.


As a final year university student,


My main uses for the machine would be:


Document editing/writing, internet browsing, watching music and movies etc, and finally the occasional gaming (STWOR/FM2013 etc)


I will also be travelling to the library ( 15 minute walk ) every other day or so, so portability is an issue also.


Speaking to an Apple advisor today, she explained the weight difference isn't that noticeable and that screen size is the only real issue for myself.


I need to make clear that I would upgrade the processor on the 13 to an i7 along with the flash storage to 256GB.


With student discount both machines would cost me around the £1500 mark so I would welcome any help you guys could give me in deciding, and based on experience ( especially gaming, as most reviews out don't really give clear indications of how the intel 4000 copes with gaming aided with an i7 processor ).






(ps, final topic of futureproofing, the 13 inch MBP only has dual cores, which makes me skeptical of how long until i'd have to upgrade computers again would be)

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