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My last computer broke so I invested in a Macbook pro. I have an iPad and I want to transfer files from the iPad to the Macbook, How do I do this?

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    There are a number of ways to do it and some of that depends on the type of files that you want to transfer.


    You can email files from with the app in which they were created on the iPad. The app should have some sort of action icon at the top of the screen - or a share button - from which you can initiate the email. You can use DropBox or another cloud service. You can also use iOS file sharing with iTunes if you have an app on the iPad that supports file sharing.


    iOS : About File Sharing



    So what type of files are you trying to transfer to the Mac?

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    You can set up icloud on both the ipad and the macbook pro, and pages, numbers, keynote, notepad, mail, contacts, calendars will all be synced between the two.


    There are other methods for other types of files, but need to know more about your files.


    Transfering photos and videos from device to computer


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    I want to transfer my photographs from iPad to Macbook