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I want a mouse with an enter or  (return) key option


I have the latest Mac wireless mouse, I use left and right click, scrolling, (hate) swipping back and forth--- I try to avoid this option as it is annoying on a DeskTop Computer. 


My productivity would be greatly improved if the mouse had a [return] key


I copy and paste constantly, to drop to the next line after pasting I have to use my left hand to press [return]


If the devolopers could include and [return] key option on a mouse, or on the left side of a Mac Keyboard (I could reach it with the small finger of my left hand) then that would be an option a lot of people would use.


Please let me knowwhen you improve the Mac mouse or Mac Keyboard I would buy this in a heart beat. 


Thank You


George Naanes

G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9)