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    Tom, Did you ever get your drive to work internally? I am haaving the same difficulty. If so, how di dyou get it fixed? I just bought a

    Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch ST1000LM014

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    It was a corruption on the disk image that i created with carbon copy. I recreated the image using carbon copy and it worked. hope this solved your issue.

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    I read that the cable in my Macbook pro is probably the culprit, since it works fine outseide the case, just not at all when I attach it inside the case. In Fact, my old internal disk is not recognized outside the case if the new one is connected to the internal cable. Once I disconnect the sshd from the internal ribbon cable, it shows up normally. My local shop has order me a cable.

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    The cable is always a suspect, and it has been the cause of this not working. As you have to go into the Mac to change the drive it makes sense to relace the cable while you are there.

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    There are always videos on YouTube of people installing hard drives. You can often find videos someone installing  the same model drive into same model latop like I did. I highly recommend going on and printing their installation intructions with photos.


    I hear the ribbon cable is supposed to be very sensitive. It looked it when I installed mine. You can only pull the hard drive very short distance before putting tension on the ribbon cable.


    Good luck, I hope your new and improved computer helps you get closer to your goals.

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    Like markaj and tomc8151, I had the same issue - blinking folder with question mark - after thinking my clone was successful.  I found that it was because I had set up the disk with MBR partition map instead of GPT.   The drive would boot when connected with the USB/SATA adapter but not when installed in the MB 5,1.  I had to change the partition map type to GPT following this instruction before recloning the drive.  I booted with the OS X disk and used Disk Utility to both make the change and clone from the old drive.  Everything is working correctly now.


    I installed a Seagate Momentus XT ST750LX003 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Solid State Hybrid Drive.  I recently upgraded the memory to 8GB and these two changes have made a tremendous difference.

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    Has the hybrid drive effected battery life at all? increase or decrease?  I also have a 2011 MBP and I'm looking to upgrade, but would like to have storage and speed.  From my experience 7200RPM drives suck down battery life...

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    The MB 5,1 I upgraded is still using the original battery and I have not noticed a significant impact on battery life.  Again, the performance improvement has been enormous - it is like a new machine.

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    I have a mid-2009 15" MBP.  I purchased a new 1TB Seagate SSHD that would not boot internally.  Did tons of research and found out that I either had to jumper my new drive to 1.5gbps or get a new internal SATA cable.  I opted for the cable.  The drive still wouldn't boot internally.  Did more research and found that others had connected their old HDD externally with their new drives internally.  Did this with the old cable, and nothing happened; did this with the new cable and the drive was recognized, but unreadable even though I had already cloned it.  Re-cloned it using Carbon Copy Cloner (with the old drive external, new drive internal with new cable).  The new drive booted after this with no issues. 


    Order of steps:

    1) Get a new cable.  ifixit and Amazon both have them.  Make sure you get the right one.

    2) Install the new cable (ifixit has videos/guides)

    3) Install the new drive internally.

    4) Hook up the old drive externally.

    5) Restart holding the 'option' button.

    6) Boot from the old drive.

    7) Format the new drive with one partition using disk utility (make sure you click options: GUID partition!)

    8) Clone the old drive to the new one using CCC (do the recovery HD option for sure)

    9) Verify the new drive using DU; repair any errors.

    10) Boot from new drive to make sure it's working ok and that everything runs.

    11) Voila!

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    Can you please refrain from resurrecting old posts, these notifications for a thread that is old are annoying.


    Pick someone with a new issue, not one that was dealt with months ago. Or make a new post of your own detailing the method for those who need it.

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    Csound1, thank you for your wonderfully kind response.  Despite the fact that your opinion matters more than anyone else's, there are still those who are having trouble with this topic.  I was just posting a solution that I had not seen elsewhere on the threads that were most helpful to me.  Perhaps you could consider the good of others and the possibility that not everyone is the eloquently verbose computer genius that you are, and that they need step-by-step help with a very frustrating problem. 


    Thanks again for your kindness.

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    I was considering the OP's whose question you latched onto, the ones whose inboxes are now receiving your(somewhat tardy) advice posts.


    The ones you are not considering.

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    Once again, your words exude your warmth and charity.

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    This is a tech support forum, not a chat room, counselling class or charity.

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    And yet you keep "chatting".  Also, might want to look up 'charity.'