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All devices receive mail just fine but cannot send. SSL is enabled as "Use". Just installed a Starlight Tech cert and after that SMTP stopped. Any ideas?

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    It's not clear from your post what you're asking.


    Are you saying that SMTP used to work, but stopped as soon as you implemented your SSL certificate?

    Does it start working again if you remove the SSL?


    Also, what do the mail logs have to say about it? Any startup error should be logged there.

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    Yes, SMTP used to work but stopped after new cert applied. IMAP works fine. Removed SSL and still doesn't work (although should it be restarted or is save for changes okay).




    Nov 10 12:30:39 colquhoun postfix/postscreen[29668]: CONNECT from []:54598

    Nov 10 12:30:39 colquhoun postfix/postscreen[29668]: PREGREET 29 after 0.07 from []:54598: HELO www.unlocktheinbox.com\r\n

    Nov 10 12:30:39 colquhoun postfix/smtpd[29669]: connect from unlocktheinbox.com[]

    Nov 10 12:30:42 colquhoun postfix/smtpd[29669]: lost connection after HELO from unlocktheinbox.com[]

    Nov 10 12:30:42 colquhoun postfix/smtpd[29669]: disconnect from unlocktheinbox.com[]

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    I'm sorry, I'm missing the part in that log that indicates mail isn't working. Indeed, the fact you're getting logs at all indicates that the mail server is running.

    All that log shows is one failed connection from


    Is that an IP address you expect to be connecting to your server?

    Are there no other connections?

    Can you connect locally (e.g. from another machine on the local network, or even the server itself)?

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    Set SMTP to 'Use' not to 'Require' SSL in the mail settings in the old Server Admin app for 10.7.5 (you can download Server Tools for 10.7.5 from Apple.


    Unless you absolutely need to have encrypted email or nothing then this will be adequate.