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I am new to Motion and want to learn it from doing a project. Motion may not be the best app to create a presentation time-clock, so let me know how you would do it or what other app to use. I want to create a PPT or Keynote countdown using our company logo/colors etc. I like the Motion "dripping" template. I have seen some pre-made motion type graphics for purchase or download but they are all 5 minutes. Any help? Thanks


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    It would actually be very easy to do in Motion.  Do you just want a clock with hands that tell regular time?  Or do you want a digital readout countdown timer? 


    What is the "dripping" tempalte?

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    Timer: digital numbers

    Dripping template. Bad description. It's the Splash motion file under compositions



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    Not sure what Splash has to do with a clock, but yeah, it's nice.


    Library tab, Generators, Text Generators, look at the Time Date (mask out date if desired), Timecode (set to HMS), or Numbers (crude, but could work in some cases).


    Not sure how you will use this in Keynote or PPT.  How will you actually implement this in a Keynote presentation?

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    Thanks for the help. I do lots of keynote/ppt presentations (training) where I have to give a 10-15 minute break. I've been to churches where they are using a motion background timeclock to announce....worship begins in.....and it has some nice motion backgrounds with a digital countdown. My project is to create one using my company background graphics or even the splash template that is actually a title. Just getting going in Motion. My first project. That's how I learn and what people have told me that's pretty much how Motions works from a visualized result backwards. Just needed to know if there was any work-flows in regards to this.



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    Proper training in Motion can save you unbelievable amounts of time and headache.


    For motion graphics, it is always good to pre-plan it first.  Sketch it out first.  But some folks just dive in and hit things until something works.


    As for workflow, there's no set in stone workflow to create what you're discribing, just import all of your assets, and start configuring.


    I do presentations quit often, so here's what I'd do.


    I'd make the Motion project an exact time, like 10 minutes on the nose.  Export as an H.264 file.  Bring that into Keynote and make the slide it appears on automatic.  Here's what I mean.


    Place the timer QT movie on the slide.  Set it to play autiomatically after in starting transition.  Then set the transition to the next slide to be automatic after 10 minutes, and something like 3-4 seconds extra.  Those seconds go by slower than you'd think.  So as soon as the timer is up, perhaps also add a chime audio file to that slide to play 10 minutes and 1 second after the movie starts. Then the timer hit's zero, the chime sounds, then it automatically changes to the next slide.  That would be cool.  "Look ma, no hands!"


    So, any of those generators, depending on what you want it to look like.  Keyframe them to start at 10 mintues, and count down to zero.

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    BenB wrote:


    For motion graphics, it is always good to pre-plan it first.  Sketch it out first.  But some folks just dive in and hit things until something works.


    This is very good advice... and to add too.


    Sometimes I do a rough sketch in Motion to see how things work and how the whole project will roughly look. (Right now I'm doing a (rough) camera move to see to it will look before I incorporate it into the project I'm doing now.)


    After I figure out what I want to do I Google to to see if the are some tutorials. Not necessarily for the whole project. But for certain aspects in the project that I may need to know on how to do or how did someone else did it. I also do SAVE AS during the project as I go along. If a project blows-up. I've lost only a few hours. (I know there is an auto save function in Motion. I never trust auto-save.)

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    The Auto-Save function in Motion is bullet proof.  I rely on it all the time, have for years, it has never failed.  I have it saving a copy ever 5 minutes, 12 copies, and only keeping the past 12 copies.  Best case I lose 5 minutes, worst case I lose 1 hour.  I also set it to only save the last 4 projects opened.  Seriously, this is a solid, reliable backup system for Motion.