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So I just bought an Ipod Touch 5g blue, and I'm looking for a case for it thats clear so I still get to keep the beautiful blue on the back of it that allows me to use everything I would be able to without a case (for example the loop strap, headpone jack, etc.) and that provides decent protection.... I have found two cases, one is a hard case and one is a gel case. I dont really know the differences between them besides that a gel case makes it less slippery. I would like a gel case but I dont need one. The two cases I am trying to decide between are:


Hard Case - http://www.tunewear.com/en/204-eggshell-for-ipod-touch-5g.html\


Gel Case - http://www.amazon.com/Clear-Plain-Rubber-Cover-Generation/dp/B009PFE142/ref=pd_s im_e_9


Im hesitant about the gel case because its very cheap. (I want a high quality case).

I dont really care about money as long as its under 40 dollars. If you could tell me which one would be better or even suggest a case for me that would be great, Thanks!

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1