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Has anyone ever created a script to have "watched folders" functionality in iTunes?


Three out of the four users in my household share the same iTunes library folder, which resides on a separate hard drive (along with the iTunes Library of the 4th user). I thought this would be the easiest way for all the music purchased for our family to be shared among us, while not sharing playlists. I thought iTunes would, automatically and routinely, scan and categorize the files in the designated iTunes Media Folder.


However, now whenever someone adds music through their account, the songs will not show up in another user's library (even though both accounts use the same iTunes Media Folder). The only way to have an up-to-date library, is to go to "File" > "Add Folder to Library..." and add the iTunes Media folder each time a user starts their iTunes instance.


I'm new to iTunes (moving over from WMP and VLC).


Just in case anyone cares... I'm using:

- iTunes

- Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (with Service Pack 1)

- We have an iPhone and an iPod touch in the household

Windows 7