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I see several discussions similar to mine, but not exactly.

I just migrated from a MacBookPro 10.6.8 to a Pro 10.8.2.

My iPhoto was iPhoto 8, vers 7.1.5.

After migration and upgrade my iPhoto is vers 9.4.1.

When I try to open iPhoto I get the message that the library files must be upgraded.

I downloaded and installed iPhotoLibraryUpgrade. When I try to run the program, it says:

You library can open with the current version of iPhoto and does not need to be prepared with this tool.

I have tried opening iphoto with the cmd-opt key, but nothing here will run.

Get the same message: the files must be upgraded.

I downloaded the libraryManager and tried to open the library "package" but an unable to.

It's "untouchable".

Please, any suggestions would be great as I sit here with no access to my iPhotos.

MacBook Pro, Os 10.8.2