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I would like to change the default mount point for an external drive. The message in the fstab.hd:



This file does nothing, contains no useful data, and might go away in

future releases.  Do not depend on this file or its contents.


So where does Mountain Lion control the mounting of disks?


Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Mark Jalbert Level 5 (4,630 points)

    fstab.hd is a dummy file. The fact that fstab.hd still exists may mean that you could create a /private/etc/fstab file with the proper syntax and it will would work. I have no idea how tie fstab with open directory but open directory is more or less synonymous with Directory Services or NetInfo in earlier releases of OS X.

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,786 points)

    BillTell wrote:


    So where does Mountain Lion control the mounting of disks?

    Via AutoFS. The fstab file is considered legacy technology, but it may be what you need in this case. I have used it to prevent a certain drive from being automatically mounted. You should be able to use it to change the mount point.

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    Ok, so I founf the answer to my question. Essentially I followed this process;


    1) Obtain diskuid from diskutil

    2) su

    3) execute vifs (a program to edit /etc/fstab (/etc/private/fstab)

    4) enter the following:


    UUID=5A7706F3-4AB4-312D-81FA-A856251663C1 /Users hfs auto


    5) Save file

    6) Copy /Users content new disk

    7) reboot


    Sorry for the confusion.