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My emac A1002 EMC 1955 crashed this year.  I had backed up my files but there was a second user on it who hadn't.  For awhile it started beeping and flashing on power up and failing to boot up. Randomly it would boot up succesfully after powering off and starting again (over a few tries). But now she won't at all.  I've replaced the PRam battery and removed and reinserted the RAM to no avail. Now when I power up I get 4 beeps and and then she flashes in a series of 5 flashes.  The CD drive died a  while back so I can't try booting up from an install disc.  Is trying to boot  up from my PowerPC G5 an option? Via firewire cable? If so, don't know how.  Yep she's done well to last this distance but if there's a way of bringing life back or accessing the hard drive I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    That issue requires a hardware repair and cannot be resolved by attempting to boot the eMac from another source. If it's not worth fixing, put its hard drive in an enclosure.