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We use podomatic and for whatever reason it will sort one from two months ago BEFORE one from last week. So if someone was trying to listen to them in order, they'd have to take noticce of the upload date (we give each one a unique title).

The cast is Three Pleasant Gentlemen, if that helps.

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    You should check that you have the correct date in the PubDate tag for each episode. If you have further questios about this please post the URL of the feed and the Store page - this latter can be found by control-clicking on the podcast image (or where it should be) - and choosing 'Copy link'.  Please include the http:// in both cases to make the links clickable.

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    Hi there,


    I recently noticed the same issue with my podcast ("Ponken & Friends") and it looks like you know what you're talking about. Have looked around the web for a fix, and it appears as though a lot of people are having this issue but very few know what to do about it.


    I have a Wordpress RSS feed (using the Powerpress Blubbry podcast plugin) that is run through Feedburner to iTunes, and I have no idea where I could even add a PubDate tag (or any tag for that matter). 


    So far, I've got 27 episodes up there and I know that at least the first ~20 used to appear on iTunes in the correct order. Now, however, if you look up my cast on the App Store, the order is completely jumbled. I apologise for being such an amateur at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd be interested to know what I can do to fix this going forward and if there is anything I can do to my feed, or even the actual files, to retroactively sort this out.


    Here are the relevant links:





    The eps are in order in both of the above.


    Many thanks in advance,



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    Everything appears in the correct order for me:




    and the same when subscribing. If you have selected one of the other column headings in the Store the order will change.

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    Hi Roger,


    Thanks for the very speedy reply and for looking into this for me. That's quite reassuring. The odd thing is, though, that if you do a search for "Ponken & Friends", for example, and you see the episodes below, the order is jumbled. I.e. before you have clicked on the podcast name or icon. The order remains jumbled if you click on "See All".


    However, I'm pleased to hear that the order is fine for new subscribers - which was my number one concern.


    Again, many thanks for your help.



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    The Search results are always likely to be jumbled - I don't know how they arrive at them.