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My understanding is, that if I don't have my iPad with me, and want to log in to iCloud online with another device, I'm flat out of luck!  Like I'm taking my iPad with me at all times!  Is there a way to access iCloud online with another connected device?  Such as a Laptop with Windows 7?  Would appreciate some help with this matter - thanks!


HP Laptop, Windows 7, I may not have my iPad 2.
Solved by Agee1 on Nov 10, 2012 1:41 PM Solved

Gmail should work with just about any connected device.  When away, and you don't have your iPad with you, just send out a mass message to all of your contacts to send emails to you via Gmail.  Problem solved!


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Thanks, Fe!  As a matter of fact, I DO have a Gmail account.


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Gmail, Yahoo - just about any server will work with almost any connected devive that is capable of handling email. I have three such accounts, and I rely on iCloud very little.  Thanks again, Fe!


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