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    Basically, I joined the chorus for answers from mac but please check your refresh rates first

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Nice post, thanks for the tip... it dos seem to be a timing issue.

  • Spirits Level 1 Level 1

    This is what sold me on the mini in the first place (quote from Apple site):

    It’s easy to connect Mac mini to the biggest screen in the house — your HDTV — courtesy of a built-in HDMI port. All it takes is one HDMI cable to start enjoying movies and TV shows from iTunes, surfing the web, and flipping through your photo library, all in brilliant HD. There’s also a handy control that lets you adjust the output on Mac mini to fill even the biggest HDTV screen.


    This has certainly NOT been the case. I am so disappointed in Apple for this. Yes, there is an HDMI to DVI adapter included with my mini, but i REALLY wanted to use advertised.


    On top of this, when I called about the issue they acted like they had never heard of it, and that I'd have to take my mini into the apple store for a fix. Really? One google search gave me so much feedback showing folks with the same issue it was actually funny.


    Fix - please!

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    I also converted from PC to Mac Mini.  Was very disappointed with the fuzziness of my HP 2509 monitor with the Mac, which is CRYSTAL sharp with my PC.  I was reading some of the comments in this thread and one mentioned using the HDMI OUTPUT on the Mac but using a DVI connection to the monitor.  I just happened to have a HDMI to DVI cable, plugged it in, and WOW, what a difference in display clarity!!  The letters now are crystal sharp like my PC is.  There is no "fuzziness" to the letters on the desktop.  Something is wrong with HDMI to HDMI output.

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    I didn't get a HDMI to DVI adaptor with my Mac Mini as commented on by Spirits!???  I had to supply my own cables.

  • Fouad Abbasi Level 1 Level 1


    that adapter should help but I for one use my Macmini with my tv for movies and tv shows (plex)




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    Ok, I got mad enough to call support, get to a supervisor, and get them to send me a Mini Display Port to VGA adapter. It should help me at least get an image I can deal with but won't solve my problem of needing to use the HDMI. However, the supervisor put me on hold for a long time, then came back and said he found out there WAS an update in the works to fix the HDMI issue but there was no ETA on it.


    Sounds like good news, let's hope it's soon!

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    I have the same problem have confirmed it with several mac minis (late 2012). I went to an Apple Store in Grand Central NYC. The "Geniuses" never heard of it, then denied the same problem. Eventually we tried it with the display model of Mac Mini and replicated the problem on one of their non-apple monitors at the store. I think they weren't expecting it either. Everyone who looked at it did admit to the problem with the text. And everyone there also expected the quality to be better at HDMI. I was actually happy they agreed with it. What disappointed me was they advised me to call support. So much for geniuses.


    Ended up using VGA through the thunderbolt via adapter temporarily. Bought a rocketfish adapter. Cheap and feasible, but this shouldn't have been an added expense.

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    I had purchased a HDMI to DVI cable for a PC a couple of years ago.  Since the postings above, I have been using it, so that I can still use my HDMI output on my MacMini, but plug into the DVI of my nice 25" HP monitor. Because I like to PhotoShop and edit media a lot, the quality issue was huge.  This brought the quality back to what my PC had at 1080p resolution.  At least the letters are crisp, and colors more realistic now.  Just FYI.

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    Did you use DVI-D to RGB cable to connect your adapter to your TV?


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    I Have the same problem. When connecting mac mini (2012) with HDMI to LGIPS27 Monitor the picture quality is very bad. Do you thing that a DVI connection will solve the problem? Is there anyone who has the same LG Monitor?

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    The included HDMI - DVI cable will solve your issues.  You will notice right away that the video modes will switch from the basic TV 1080p mode to a digital 1920x1080 (and others) so you can get the correct clocking signals to drive the monitor correctly.


    The issue is the way the video chip manages HDMI connections vs. pure digital.  It's obvious the interface can handle the digital modes but it defaults to the "TV" specs for resolution when it senses an end to end HDMI connection.


    Is it really a problem?  That's subjective.  I switched over to the included HDMI - DVI cable within 10 minutes of installation and it's been working perfectly for months.

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    Yes, this is a problem.

    How do you then connect the DVI to the TV? I understand what you're saying about the HDMI to DVI working for you, but you're assuming I can then use DVI to feed my TV. First off, I don't have a DVI cable. Secondly, the only inputs I have for the TV are VGA or HDMI. Since the mini HDMI port is advertised as "connect to any HD television" I again say..."Yes, this is a problem."

    Am I missing something?

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    I have exact same problem.

    I just called Apple. They were no help.

    'Apple genious' suggested to buy a new TV with DVI-D input. What?!!!

    My TV is currently connected to my MM using MDP-VGA adapter.

    The screen quality is ok.

    However I still wonder if using the cable that came with MM will provide better quality.

    Has anyone done this test?

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    I think the point missing here is there's a difference between connecting to a computer monitor with and HDMI interface and a TV with an HDMI interface.  A lot will depend on how the monitor / TV you plug it into implemented the HDMI spec.  My MM plugged into my 50" Panasonic Plasma screen look beautiful but using that same HDMI interface to an HP 2311 monitor was not so great.  I use HDMI-DVI for the HP monitor and it's perfect.

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