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I have an iPad (3rd Gen) that I've been syncing with my WIndows 7 laptop. Increasingly, I've been using my Macbook Pro, and I want to use it as the device to sync.


Currently, I sync photos taken on the iPad already to iPhoto on the Mac. Actually, I guess it's more like copying than syncing.


The instructions I see when I search for this sort of thing don't really apply to me, because:


  • I have no music purchased in iTunes
  • I have no movies purchased in iTunes
  • I have no TV shows purchased in iTunes
  • I have no audiobooks in iTunes
  • I don't really know what charts and genius are, and I don't think I care.


I do have a lot of apps purchased and/or downloaded for free from the app store.

I have photos and videos that I've taken with my iPad, but like I said, those are already synced with iPhoto on the Mac.

I have photos and videos on the PC that were synced to the iPad. I don't care if I lose those from the iPad because I can put them back by setting up a directory and copying them across the network and syncing.

I have audio recorded by an audio app

I have other data saved by other apps


I have a notice that a new version of iOS is available for installing, but when I follow the link to install it, it says I should sync first. Well, I have synced (on the Windows machine). I'd rather do the upgrade on the Macbook because it is wired (rather than wifi).


I've been procrastinating about this because I'm unsure what I really need to do. The obvious thing to try is something that doesn't seem to be available, namely, to simply have my Macbook Pro claim the iPad and sync from the iPad to the Macbook.


In summary, all I really care about saving is the apps and the data they have created. I don't use email on the iPad, other than to send email (would be nice if I could configure it to send from my gmail account without using the iPad's mail system, but that's neither here nor there). Things like calendar and contacts I don't care about either. With the new iOS/facebook integration, my contacts will likely get contaminated with all my facebook stuff anyway (unless I learn how to prevent that yet still allow some of the integration).

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6
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