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My friend has an 21.5 iMac (2007) with 4GIG Ram. He just "upgraded" from Leopard to Snow Leopard 10.6.8. During Hurricane Sandy, he briefly lost power and his iMac "blinked" on and off.


He and wife have separate "user accounts." When his wife, logged in as herself, tries to open Safari, it quits "unexpectedly."


When he is logged in as himself or as a "guest," Safari opens and works as usual.


I suggested he download "Firefox" and "Chrome." He did and when his wife, logged in as herself, both apps can browse the internet. Safari still "quits unexpectedly."


What could I suggest to him to get Safari working?

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    We need to see the crash report:


    Go to your Applications Folder and open your Utilities Folder. Open the application Console.


    In the left-hand column, click on Crash Reporter.


    Click on the small triangle under Crash Reporter in the l/h column and they will all be listed.


    Scroll down to the latest Safari report and click on it.


    Now click on the r/h column (which now only shows THAT crash report and then Command-a to copy it all.


    Come back here and Command-v it to post it here!