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OK, I must be seeing things, or more precisely not seeing things. I have a magic mouse and I want to adjust the double-click speed. I searched the net and found appears to be helpful link from the Apple Support site - http://support.apple.com/kb/PH10643?viewlocale=en_US


Please tell me if you can see the highlighted text in the instructions below:


To work more comfortably, you can change the way your mouse responds as you move it.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Mouse.
  2. Set the sliders. As you adjust the sliders, try moving and clicking your mouse to see the effect of your changes.
    • Tracking: Adjusts how fast the pointer moves when you drag the mouse.
    • Double-Click: Adjusts how rapidly you must click for the computer to recognize a double-click.
    • Scrolling (if your mouse has a scroll ball or wheel): Adjusts how quickly the pointer moves when you scroll. The scroll ball doesn’t scroll menus or sliders in dialogs.

I certainly can't see a Double-Click slider anywhere on that screen. Please stop messing me around when I really need to adjust it so that I can work (in CS6) because the double clicking are too quick. I'm losing precious time having to click millions times and I'm very frustrated because you Apple keeps changing and hiding the settings where they were before for many generations of OSX and now I can't find it. I'm really frustrated and wished you just have left them where they always had been when they worked just fine.


I would really appreciate that if you can provide a solution to me instead of asking me to figure it out/live with it. I've spent a lot of money on your products and I expect to have control over it!


Thank you.


PS: While typing this message, I tried click ONCE on another window and it bloody double-clicked again! I'm losing patience fast here.

PSS: It's not the Magic Mouse that causes this because I've used another mouse before and it was same deal and same problem. This is why I'm very frustrated coz I thought it was the non-apple mouse and so I went out and bought a Magic Mouse. Within this year I've spent over $150 in buying mouse and I should have been worrying about the OSX.

Mac OS X (10.6.8)