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I currently have an iphone 4s and a macbook.  I am getting ready to sell my macbook and purchase a ipad and then only utilize my ipad and iphone for all my needs.  I am wanting to utilize icloud and then within icloud the imatch system as a way to store and keep all my music.  My question is do I have to have a computer to use or to start my imatch account? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    iTunes Match is a feature you use in iTunes on your computer.

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    So then I would probably want to use icloud if I wont have a a actual computer to store and hold all of my music on? 

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    I don't know if you want to use iCloud. iCloud and iTunes Match are two quite different things. If you don't have a computer to set up iTunes Match and store your music on your device with no backup, then you will lose everything should have a problem or need to transfer your music to another device.


    If you plan to use an iDevice it would be a good idea to own a computer. iPads and iPhones are not replacements for the computer. They are adjuncts to the computer. Otherwise, get a laptop.

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    Here is the fun part. You should be ok, as long as you activate your match, while still have a computer and allow time to upload and match your whole library. Once your music is uploaded, you can use ipad only. Problems will come if at some point you need to troubleshoot, or will stop subscription. Your itunes match info will be lost, and without computer back up is dead to you.