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My iPod touch won't accept my WEP key (password) and therefore won't allow me to join the network to get onto the internet. It keeps saying incorrect password buy I know it is correct. None of my other ipods, ps3, etc. have a problem. Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think of. I have an old Westell 327 router.

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    Note that the use of WEP is not recommended for compatibility, reliability, performance, and security reasons; WEP is insecure and functionally obsolete. However, if you must support legacy WEP devices and you have a newer (802.11n) Wi-Fi router, you may be able to select the WEP Transitional Security Network (WEP TSN) security mode. This mode will allow legacy WEP clients to join your network with WEP encryption while allowing newer devices to use more modern and secure encryption modes, such as WPA TKIP or WPA2 AES. If WEP TSN mode is not supported, then WEP128 with Shared Authentication should be used (with a single WEP key in key index 1). For compatibility reasons, WEP128 networks should use 13-character ASCII passwords. 


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    It means you have to use the first hexadecimal key generated by the passcode you entered in your router and the router has to be set to use the first key.