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When I share an iMovie project to iDVD, a very large file is saved automatically in my documents folder.  I want this to go to my external drive and not take up room on my hard drive.  I can't find anything that would allow me to change this default location.  Any ideas?

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    Rather than use the Share ➙ iDVD menu option use the Share ➙ Media Browser option.  This will give you a much better movie for importing into iDVD via the Media Browser in iDVD. The first option only uses every other line in the movie which really degrades the results.


    Or better yet get a copy of iMovie 6 HD and use it.  It produces the best output for iDVD of any iMovie versions.


    The save to Media Browser puts the movies in a subfolder, iMovie Events in the Movies folder.  You probably could move that sub folder to the EHD and put an alias or symbolic link to the folder in its place.  That way you can store your movies on the EHD.



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    I've since learned that the dropping of every other line is not correct but it's still better to go thru the Media Browser.