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I am a college student and I wish to purchase a Macbook Air. I decided on the 11” with 8GB but unfortunately that is not available in India, as we don’t have Apple online store.


However, I have the option of getting it through my relatives in Thailand but then the date of getting it gets pushed to much.

I wanted to inquire that should i wait for the 8GB or settle for 4GB. I will not be using the air for heavy purpose like Aperture, iMovie just light things like browsing, making presentation, writing assignments etc. Although I will be requiring to run VMs a lot for doing college work,  I do not know how much the 4 gigs of RAM will affect my performance considering this will be the first time I will be using a machine with SSD. I have MacPro(3TB,8GB,i7) at home that will be used for all my other tasks like Aperture, iMovie and gaming.


Also has anyone bought the 4GB Macbook Air mid 2012 and regrets not having bought the 8GB?




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    If it means anything, I have last years Air with 4 GB, and this years with 8 GB.


    If you plan on keeping the Air for more than a year or so, definitely wait for the 8 GB. You will never regret it.


    You may not notice a whole lot of reason today, but it will pay off immensely in a year or so. Your needs will grow, the software you use then will require more, and the OS will take a bit more. Since you can never upgrade an Air, and the price is so reasonable, there is no logical reason to deprive yourself the purchase.


    Have patience, buy the 8.

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    At the moment, 4 GB are sufficient, but in the future, future OS X editions will use more RAM, so probably you will need 8 GB. Buy the MacBook Air with 8 GB because the RAM is soldered and you can't replace it after you buy your computer