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Can we setup All apple open dictionary account user save their personal profile in local, not in server. Apple server does support this?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    If you mean user's home directories should be local to their system and not on a central file server, then yes you can do that.

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    I don't think so.


    you know since we setup OD account, we should setup Quote for home folder, and this home folder save in serve. but we think if many account access system, may cause big traffic and server dead. so Can we save home folder in local, not in server?


    thank you

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    Yes. That is what I assumed you were asking.


    When you create the accounts, select '/Users' for the home directory location, rather than a sharepoint on your home directory server. That way users content will be saved locally and not on a central server.

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    thank you very much, good help me in this big problem. Let me test.


    thank you

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    hi Camelot


    I use Server App set up account for 100 users, we can save home folder in local drive, but also have other issue:

    1. user always can not log in account, need try lots times,or re start machine

    2. Some application can not pop up new windows sometimes

    3. If lots of end user log in account at the same time, always fail


    So, not sure the root cause of above problem


    Thank you