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Trying to update my book, I choose this is an update to a previously published book, I'm asked for version no but when exported to iTunes Producer, I'm not asked for What's New information

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    I had this  last week after 2 abortive attempst to resolve, I  started a "new" itmp by  hitting pubish in iBA

    First copy your books vendor ID from iTunes Connect and when iTunes Producer  starts.. insert your vendor ID.

    Fill in all the  details as you  would a new book, Description can be copied from iTC if you dont have it elsewhere.

    Producer  will ask if  the book is the original or an update - if you have changed the book.. its an update 1.1.


    You  need your cover and screenshot images AND.. unless it picked me out for special treatment.. you  need a preview of upto 15 pages. I only do  free books and never had  this thrust at me before - but I could not  get the book delivered till I made a preview, simply  by duplicating  the  book and adding XXX-Preview to  the  iBA name and  chopping the  book  up until I  had the maximum 15 pages. after that it delivered OK.

    In iTC  you will get a new orange  dot with 1.1  in Review. You  book will not be updated till its reviewed and approved.


    BTW, you need to update iTunes Producer. 

    It seems once again Apple change the process routine and say nothing

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    Make the update of itune producer to 2.8. ( Download it on your itunes-connect account )


    I got the same probleme here, this week