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I started to use ical recently and I like it.

I have just a new problem and would now if there is a solution for that.


The problem is that: I create a new event, set it as all day time and repeated every day. Then if I move one of those new events to drag it on a specific time in my calendar, all the events move even without asking me if I want change only this event or all.


And this is a big problem for me because I would like every night take the event of the next day to put it somewhere in my schedule. But because my schedule change all the time and that I don't want forget the event I would like do that but It doesn't work.


Also, if I change something else on the current selected event, like the duration, ical finally asks me if I want change all events or only this one. But if I click on only this one, then I'm not able to move back all others in All day option, the option being not available anymore.


I hope there is a solution to that because I would like use it that way.

Thank you a lot.

ical, Mac OS X (10.7.5)