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So I have always used my dad's itunes account for my iphone and ipod. I now want to have my own itunes account and have it apply to my phone in every aspect. I made my own apple account but my phone hasn't recognized it as the main account for everything. I assumed it would delete all of my music which i was ok with because I was just going to back up all my music to a flash drive and transfer it back to my phone through my newly created account. My question is, am I able to change the settings on my phone to my new account? and what does the window "this device is already associated with an apple ID; if you turn on automatic downloads with your apple ID, you cannot auto-download or download purchases with a different apple ID for 90 days" mean? so will it not let me transfer my music to my phone for 90 days by doing this? and it gives me the options of "cancel" and "transfer". what will it transfer if i select it?

iPhone 4S