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I have some buttons on my concert mapped to control stompbox on/off in logic's pedalboard insert. They were working fine for a year or so, then one day what is showing on the screen stopped corilating with what the parameter value of the stompbox bypass really is. For example, a button linked to a delay pedal would be yellow, meaning the pedal should be activated but it is actually not. When I change the value using midi controller (novation nocturn) it changes the value on and off as it always has, but the button only changes from yellow to grey randomly. This can be confusing as I have no way of knowing if a pedal is on or not without opening the pedalboard display. Has anyone encountered this problem?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    hi there KevanBritton,


    Sometimes a concert responds differently since the last time it was opened .... bugs!


    I suggest that you try to do first is to create a new concert only with this control in question and see if it is answered correctly.


    If answer is no communication problem but an error concert.


    Later you can eliminate this control in your main concert and re-create and see if it gets good.


    good luck