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About 2 hours ago my iphone 4 turned itself off, and nothing that I do will turn it back on.

This has happened to me before, and pressing down both the on/off and home button worked to turn it back on, but that won't work now.

I've checked in the headphone port for water damage but it's all clear.

It was plugged into both the wall and computer for at least 30 minutes each (even though it was about 95% battery when it 'died') but it still won't turn on.

There is nothing wrong with my usb port, I plugged my ipod in and it charged.

I doubt it went into over-load, I always close the background programs, when it turned off I was on safari with maybe one app open in the background.


About 30minutes after it first turned off (I put in on charge - across the room from where I was) it vibrated and i'm sure I saw the apple logo come up (as if it were rebooting). I checked it a few minutes later (thinking I had given it enough time to reboot) yet it was back to black screen and was once again non-responsive.


I had updated it to the iOS 5 a few months back (when I did, it died on me and I had to restore it- did this happen to anyone else?) . And I updated it once again (iOS 5.0.1) sometime last week (where it turned off again, but all I had to do was turn it back on using the one button)


Please help? I'm so frustrated!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1