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Hi All,

  Recenlty I've been having intermittent problems with iCloud Mail and Safari on my iMac. 


  Mail - I keep getting "p05-imap.mail.me.com cannot be contacted on port 993" and cannot recieve email until I restart the Mail program then it all works, seems to happen overnight that authentication fails. I don't have any problems on multiple iOS devices, just OSX and recreating the account doesn't make any difference.


  Safari - I loved the feature of being able to see open tabs/bookmarks across all my devices - but since the mail problem started happening I've also lost the ability to see any iMac (OSX) open tabs on my iOS devices.  My iOS (iPad & iPhone) can see each other but they cannot see my OSX (iMac).


  Something strange going on with iCloud since the latest updates and introduction of the @icloud.com email address.  Anyone got any thoughts?



iMac 21.5 - 3.06Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.4)