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Hi everybody, something unusual happens when I try to use Magic Garageband, after choosen a style and clicked Open in Garageband appears a screen like this

Schermata 11-2456243 alle 08.25.14.png


can not open the document "03.jazz.band" because because there isn't a document of that type.

Can anybody help me?



GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Check your System Library.

    The templates for Magic GarageBand projects should be installed in the folder

         /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Magic GarageBand


    You can go there directly by pasting the path above into the Finder's "Go" menu > "Go to Folder" textfield .

    01. Blues.mwand

    02. Rock.mwand

    03. Jazz.mwand

    04. Country.mwand

    05. Reggae.mwand

    06. Funk.mwand

    07. Latin.mwand

    08. Roots Rock.mwand

    09. Slow Blues.mwand

    Are the files there?

    If they are missing, try to restore them from your backup.


    If they are there, but still will not open, you may have a permissions problem. Check the perinssions on the projects - you should have permissions to read this files.


    If the files are truely missing, and never have worked, a part of your GarageBand installation is missing. Are all Apple Loops and Instruments there? You still may need to download the additional GarageBand contents. Try, if software update for your GarageBand version is available.




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    Hi, thanks for the response, the files are there how can I check permissions? Hers's another screen appeared at the startup of the software


    Schermata 11-2456243 alle 10.05.46.png


    any suggestions?