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The syncronizing between icloud and iphone does not work. It will not transfer all appointments to the iOs devices.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I already tried it. I also had contact to the apple support. They already dealted the icloud calendar. Then it worked for a few days, but now I´ve the same problem again.

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    Ah, well you didn't say that. It's always a good idea to mention what you've already tried when asking for help, so that people don't waste time looking up and posting potential solutions you already know don't work for you.


    Have you re-tried the solution that Apple Support did that worked?


    When you say it won't "transfer all appointments", which ones is it not transferring? Random ones, or ones before a particular date, or ones in specific calendars, or some other pattern of appointments?

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    I´m sorry that I didn´t mention it.


    Yes I tried again. But the support also deleted the iCloud calender on their one. They told me, that they needed the help of the developers for it. This I couldn´d do again. I already talked several hours with the support.  I´d a personal contact at the support of apple, but he didn´t answer my last emails. I think, that he doesn´t know that to do.


    I hoped that someone else had this problem and knows that to do.


    I can transfer the appointments from outlook to the icloud. If I try to transfer them from the icloud to my ipad2 or iphone 4s, than it doesn´t work (nearly every time). The other way from my iphnoe or my ipad to the icloud works good. I could see a even hint, why some (few) appointments worked and the others don´t.


    Thank you very much for trying to help me!