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I have bought an Airport Express which I was told I could connect my printer to so we can print from our iPad, iPhones and iPods. 


Does anybody have any instructions on how to do this so I can access the printer on my ios devices to print?  It might be best for me to start from the beginning.


(I have already tried to connect the AX by extending the network but there is an error message coming up saying it was unable to extend the wireless network.  I also tried to join an existing network but I didn't have any luck there either.  I installed Airport Utility on my PC and I could see the printer under the printers options but now when I open the Aiport Utility, it doesn't even find that I have an AX!).  I'm not havin much luck with it.  Any assistance on how to start fresh and set it all up would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    ....I was told I could connect my printer to so we can print from our iPad, iPhones and iPods.




    Unfortunately, the information that you received is not correct.


    In order to print from iOS devices, you need to have an AirPrint compatible printer.  Your Samsung model is not on the list of AirPrint compatible devices.  See this Apple support document for more details:




    Adding or ssing an AirPort Express will not make your printer AirPrint compatible


    As a possible workaround, Installing an App like Print Central on each of your iOS devices might allow you to print from the iOS devices to the printer.


    PrintCentral for iPhone/iPod Touch - iTunes - Apple

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    Oh, not the reply I wanted! Thanks for your help. The guy at the apple store told me this is how I could print. :(