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This is really strange. I go to Settings > Messages and am presented a "Enter Apple ID" screen. I sign in with my email address and Apple ID password. I KNOW my Apple ID login info is correct but my iPad keeps telling me 'The user name or password for 'xxxxxx@mac.com" was incorrect. Try again".


How can this be? I even assured it was correct by using it on my iMessage on my iMac & MacBook. It is the correct login and password. I also logged out of my iTunes/App Stores and relogged back in with my Apple ID and password and it worked.


This is the second issue I've had with my iPad. Yesterday I tried to get the new Amazon Instant Video player to work and it would not. I wrote it off as a problem with THEIR app. But now I wonder if it isn't something going kooky with my iPad.


So, there's my problem. Anybody out there have a solution? I do not want to create another Apple ID.



CJ Hazer

iPad, iOS 6.0.1, 3rd Gen