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I am running an iMac 2.7 GHz with 12 GB memory and 2 TB Hard drive. I have a very large iPhoto library which has become corrupted. I entered Time Machine and grabbed the last backup and moved it forward. At that time, I could see backups extending into the past as usual. The file took 14 hours to be moved to the present and it had the same corruption problem, so I threw it away and returned to Time Machine to go further into the past - to my surprise all backups after late yesterday are grayed out / not accessable (no dates next to the timeline on right) - it looks like I just set up Time Machine yesterday instead of months ago. Since I never trust anything completely I did a manual backup a few weeks ago but I have done a lot of work on the library since then. Any way to re-gain access to those grayed out backups? BTW the Time Capsule disk is no where near full; not sure how this would have happened. Any help appreciated.